Who we are, where we came from…

Over the past years Dial a Clean would not have been successful, without the help of my family and friends. Helping me at all hours of the day and bearing my temprement. As Dial a Clean never received any financial input from the Enterprising sector or local authority etc, other than advice, we had to do it under our own steam.

Build on trust and honesty to provide a service that is value for money and here we are surviving in a competitive market.

Other people that must also thanked are past colleagues and friends are Stewart, J J and my buddy Jim, who passed away 2 years ago, without their inspiration, help and encouragement, Dial a Clean would not have been created.

Val from Arrow Chemicals, only a phone call away for advice on all the right products to use and recommendations from her client list.

Ray from Daysoft and the team , whom gave Dial a Clean the opportunity as a new company and still doing contracts for them.

Not forgetting Robert from RAS, whose help, experience and friendship came at the right moment.

Thanks Guy’s !!!!

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